REI Investment Society’s one-on-one private coaching  gives you a Millionaire Mastermind Mindset, by having a Millionaire Mastermind on your team and in your winning circle.   You and your coach will focus on implementing our real estate sales and investing structured. Tailored specifically to help your real estate business succeed. Our Engagement program is structured for optimal results.Your coach will additionally customize the program further if and when appropriate, based on your needs and progress. By meeting face-to-face with your coach, via our video conference platform, together you will dissect your current practices and establish a personal plan for maximum production to get you to the next level of real estate investing. You will learn to delegate,  systematize, & automate your small to mid size business, and create a prominent local, regional or national brand for yourself!


This is your chance to learn REI Investment Society highly effective (but inexpensive) methods to grow your Real Estate business as a real estate agent or real estate investor in your own market.

What you get as part of REI Investment Society Coaching Program:

  • Comprehensive, personalized implementation plan customized to your specific needs to help you succeed and make 6 figures as a real estate investor or real estate agent.
  • Free Admission for you and a guest to attend REI Investment Society Millionaire Mastermind Mindset Conference.
  • 2-Day Private Workshop for 1 on 1 coaching students at each conference.
  • Access to Top Industry Speakers who join certain calls over the coaching period (Many of these high-demand speakers would simply be unavailable to the average agent as their private consulting fees would be cost-prohibitive)
  • 20 Coaching Calls with REI Investment Society Assigned Millionaire Mastermind Coaches
  • Bonus Teleconference Sessions with some of the most successful Real Estate Industries Tycoons.
  • Weekly Role Play Clinic Calls to help you better systemize your follow-up process and dramatically increase your lead conversion success rate
  • Weekly Ad Clinic Calls to help you increase the effectiveness of your marketing
  • Weekly Open Q&A Help-Line to give you the opportunity to ask any question about any problem in your business
  • In addition to the bi-monthly coaching calls with REI Investment Society, as a 1 on 1 coaching student, you will complete a comprehensive business profile enabling us to match you up with a personal, one-on-one coach who will map out, and hold you accountable to, a customized plan for your success.
  • As a 1 on 1 student you will receive real estate investors networking partnership pairing up with other investors to help you with your accountability process as well as real estate brainstorming on how to be on your way to a Millionaire Mastermind Mindset Fast track to SUCCESS.

As a bonus REI Investment Society’s students  receive full access to our core essential real estate development products and mentoring program, providing a wealth of coaching and training on crucial topics for success such as  finding buyers and sellers, lead-generation & followup strategies, sales & objection-handling scripts, our proven pre-listing & listing process, as well as business planning, time-management, team building, leadership training and more…

In addition as an extra bonus 1 on 1 Coaching Students  also receive full access to our coveted Short Sale, REO & BPO, and Technology coaching curriculum, which provides a wealth of lead-generation & money-making strategies that allow you to diversify your real estate business and focus on achieving success in any market – and in any market conditions!

If you’ve ever wanted personal, 1-on-1 coaching but thought it was too expensive for your budget, think again!


Receive one-on-one coaching and brand strategy coaching with REI Investment Society, upon your registration of your complimentary 45 minute session, indicate if you will like your 1 on 1 session to take place via Skype or Live Webinar. If you are choosing Skype, please indicate your Skype Name. If you are choosing for your session to be a Live Webinar, you will receive the webinar link within 24 hours of your scheduled 1 on 1 session.

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