Millionaire Masterminds Mindset Monday is everything pertaining to real estate. We mentor on all forms of residential and commercial real estate. Many of our students have never owned investment real estate before. Millionare Masterminds Mindset Mondays is all about the listeners questions that they have in regards to real estate investing. We will take the listeners question and expand on it to help them better understand real estate investment and their question to the fullest. http://www.RealEstateInvestmentTraining.Education TOPICS: Private Money Lending, Hard Money Loans, Crowd funding, Creative Financing Real Estate Wholesaling * Rehabbing (Fixing and Flipping) Leveraging Other Peoples Money Commercial Real Estate * Business Credit Foreign National Real Estate Investing

Source: Millionaire Masterminds Mindset Mondays 02/06 by REI Real Estate Coaching Training | Real Estate Podcasts

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