Buying real estate with no cash and no credit can be done many ways. If you are an investor looking to purchase, buy and hold, rehab, and sell a property while having minimum assets or wanting to save your money and/ or leverage your assets, then buying with other people’s money then this 2-day workshop is for you. If you’re wondering how to build wealth, the name of the game is Millionaire Mastermind – Finding, Flipping, Funding and Wholesaling with Other People’s Money. You’ve probably heard that it takes money to make money, but some of the wealthiest real estate moguls strategies use free money leveraged from other people. It’s called “OPM,” or other people’s money.

Becoming wealthy or financially independent can be a reality when you keep more of your own money and use OPM as part of a wealth accumulation strategy. We will teach you the many ways of using other people’s money. How to strategies and creatively structure your deals while being able to negotiate with the seller.

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  • How to structure and negotiate owner’s financing
  • How to prepare a land contract and how its purpose
  • How and Where to get JV’s (Joint Partners)
  • Private Money (Real estate syndication, Self directed IRAs, Insurance funds, Local Investors;)
  • Borrow (or reduce) the real estate commission;
  • How to creatively create your own financing paper
  • Learn the art of negotiation on Seller second mortgages
  • How to get a seller to agree to a Seller carry-back
  • Learn how to be creative in using a Contract for deed
  • Everything you need to know about Private mortgages
  • How to get paid Multiple times using our lease options formula
  • You will learn lead generation
  • Learn how to convert your leads
  • How to buy at the right price
  • How to find discounted properties with equity
  • How to hire the right contractors
  • How to estimate rehab costs and due diligence steps
  • Where and how to get Other’s People Money
  • Learn to utilize other people’s money to Find, Fund Fix and Flip your real estate deals, allowing you to start to make money even if you don’t have the cash or credit
  • Create an customized strategy to become financially secure and rich
  • How to creatively structure your contracts and agreements
  • The secrets to working with wholesalers who will bring you more deals than you can handle
  • Learn how to start flipping homes quickly, for top dollar.
  • How to negotiate with sellers to get properties under contract
  • Learn how to sell your property, without a Realtor and fast
  • Real life details and case studies of the business model of buying, fixing, and selling houses (“flipping”).

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As An Additional Bonus:

  1. We Help You Build A Relationship With The Seller
  2. Analyze Your Deals
  3. Negotiate A Contract In Your Favor
  4. Help You Build A Relationship With The Seller
  5. We Will Provide All The Funding For Your Deals At This Workshop
    We get you going IMMEDIATELY! We help you creatively structure the contract, provide you the proof of funds to get your contract accepted and to the closing table.

Register Now REI Investment Workshop

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