Understanding The 3 Types Of Sellers

When charting your way through the choppy waters of real estate investing, it need not be a guessing game. Rather than endless trial and error on your part, you can lean into the experiences of others who have gone before. This is why I enjoy mentoring, and why I enjoy putting together real estate investing … Continue reading Understanding The 3 Types Of Sellers

3 Of The Most Profitable Real Estate Investment Tips

Rehabbing is a term commonly used in real estate, which means to renovate or fix-up a piece of real estate. Generally every home or building that is purchased will need some kind of rehabbing, whether small or large. The costs of rehab are an important factor in the profitability of a home, because you’ll ultimately want to make more in selling the property than you spent on your purchase and renovations. Otherwise, you’re going to be in the negative. REI Investment Society will give teach you and give you some tips as to what rehabbing actually entails.