Creative Flipping & Creative Funding – Getting Funders and Guarantee Approval 2 day workshop is the only step-by-step training program that will not only teach you how to successfully creatively fix and flip properties for a profit, but get guaranteed funding, while creating a business that will give you the financial freedom you deserve.With our Step By Step Find, Fund Fix and Flip Proven Formula, you learn the strategic way to become successful on day 1.

  • You will learn lead generation
  • Learn how to convert your leads
  • How to buy at the right price
  • What areas you should and should not purchase properties within your market
  • How to find discounted properties with equity
  • How to hire the right contractors
  • How to estimate rehab costs and due diligence steps
  • Where to get the money from and how to get approve
  • Learn to utilize other people’s money to Find, Fund Fix and Flip your real estate deals, allowing you to start to make money even if you don’t have the cash or credit
  • Create an customized strategy to become financially secure and rich
  • How to use the correct contracts and forms
  • How to find and acquire income-producing properties for buying and holding, long term strategies
  • The secrets to working with wholesalers who will bring you more deals than you can handle
  • Step By Step on how to start, brand and establish yourself as an experience flipper
  • How to network with real estate professionals who are currently buying and selling real estate.
  • Learn how to start flipping homes quickly, for top dollar.
  • How to negotiate with sellers to get properties under contract
  • You learn our quick and creative tricks to easily estimate repairs on your rehabs
  • Save hours and thousands of dollars of negotiating with contractors
  • Learn how to sell your property, without a realtor and fast
  • How to invest successfully even if you only work part time.
  • Creative financing strategies that will help you buy 30% more houses
  • Real life details and case studies of the business model of buying, fixing, and selling houses (“flipping”).

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As A Bonus:

  1. Help You Find Deals During The Workshop, In Your Market Area
  2. Help You Build A Relationship With The Seller
  3. Analyze Your Deals
  4. Negotiate A Contract In Your Favor
  5. Help You Build A Relationship With The Seller
  6. We Will Provide All The Funding For Your Deals At This Workshop
    We get you going IMMEDIATELY! We help you creatively structure the contract, provide you the proof of funds to get your contract accepted and to the closing table

We put this 2 day workshop together so that you can grasp the truly unique opportunity that this market provides.

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