This 2 Day Mastermind Marketing – Building Your Real Estate Brand is like NO OTHER Real Estate workshop that you have ever attended in the past! The entire focus of the Mastermind Marketing is to make your Real Estate Investing business more profitable and more efficient with less hassle. As a real estate investor, marketing will either make or break you. With a strong marketing presence, knowledge and resources you can expect to make an easy six figures within your 6 months, to the point you are the one you can literally write your own paycheck. You will learn every level of marketing weather you are a wholesaler or real estate investor flipping or buying and holding.

 Here Is What You Will Get In Your 2 Days Of Training

  1. Website Marketing and Online – You will learn how create your own money making real estate marketing machine. You will learn the basics as well as the most important content needed for your website to be successful and you getting leads within the first week from your website.
  2. Search Engine Optimization. (SEO) –   We show you simple strategies to help you compete against companies spending thousands on SEO, and how to be found online organically, without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on Pay Per Click (PPC) ad’s. Our goal is to have your website up and running when you leave the workshop and help you optimize your website and gain rankings for key search terms on the 2nd day of your workshop.
  3. Email Marketing– We aim to save you money every step of the way and help you maximize your lead generation through the various email marketing platforms. Which platforms works, which don’t, what to put in your email to capture your prospects attention, how to build your email list and how to build a consistent campaign to work for you while you are sleep.
  4. Social Media –Love it or hate it Social media is not going away. We show how to build profiles and create posts that help your real estate investment company sell more property. We cover both highly targeted paid advertising and free posting strategies. We teach you how to build your audiences to targeted prospects, that is looking for what you have to offer.
  5. Customer Relationship Management (C.R.M) – Keeping up to date with all your sales activity is vital within the real estate investing community. The right CRM can save time through automation and systemization. Our goal is to make sure your lead management system is going to work for the growth of your real estate investing business. Learn how to use the appropriate system to capture leads, follow-up with prospects, communication, and execution of your business operations. We want to make it as easy as possible for ACTIVE investors to get a higher ROI on their marketing by converting more of their inbound leads into signed contracts. This powerful tool will help you manage your business anywhere in the world and we show you the best ways of using this system for increased productivity and efficiency.
  6. Paid Advertising –Many companies shy away from paid advertising believing that someone could easily run up heavy bills by constantly clicking on their ad. The truth is paid advertising is extremely effective but you must monitor and understand how it works in order to not waste money. We show you easy strategies for success with paid Internet advertising, how to create a winning campaign for under budget.
  7. Video – Online Video Marketing is mandatory. The question is, what do you put in this marketing? How do you make a video? How do you get people to watch it? How do you build your brand with this video? And how to become an online video superstar within the real estate investing world? We cover uploading and creating short property videos using your phone or home video camera. Many real estate investors shy away from video believing unless the product is slick and professional looking it will not help them sell. Nothing could be further from the truth people want information about property and want to see the real thing and nothing is more effect than a short video. You will leave this 2-day course with you own edited DIY video!
  8. Content –The Internet adage “Content is king” has never been truer with more and more quality information published each year and more people looking for information online to make buying decisions. We show you how to use eBooks, blogs, web pages and email content to make sure the content your potential clients are looking for is produced by your company.
  9. Outsourcing- We teach you how to make your 1-5 man or woman business into operating like a fortune 500 real estate investment firm with minimum overhead. We show you how to find programmers, contractors, assistants at an affordable price and how to monitor the work they are doing for you remotely.

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  • Generate a minimum of a 100 leads a month
  • Learn how to locate properties, that has tons of equity inside
  • How to beat your competitor and find all the good deals
  • How to locate motivated sellers and distressed properties
  • Build your marketing team and completely outsource everything
  • Develop a database to follow up with sellers effectively
  • Learning how to have mortgage brokers, real estate brokers and estate attorneys calling you for business
  • You will learn how to make the Internet work for you while you are sleeping, vacationing and enjoying family time
  • Limit risk in your real estate business
  • How to use social media for publicity
  • Building your real estate brand, become trust worthy and knowledgeable
  • How to make 6 figures within 6 months

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  • 2 1 on 1 Coaching Sessions, Via, Workshop, Webinar, Skype And / Or Phone (Value $500.00)
  • 1 Mastermind Group Call For the first month (Value $99.00)
  • Access to Private Facebook Group ($Value $49.00)
  • 30 Day Free Access to our Network Membership Free (Value) $499.00 A Month

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