Real Estate Investors MembershipWholesaling real estate provides an opportunity for a new or seasoned real estate investor or non-investor to build income with little or no money. All it requires is ambition and some specialized knowledge. The more ambition and knowledge you have, the more money you will make. Wholesaling does not require a real estate license, nor do you have to reside in the City or State that the properties are located. A license is not required to buy or sell any property that you have an equitable interest in. As long as this contract is creatively structured properly, you will have an equitable contractual interest even though you don’t physically own the property.

If you are looking to work 15 hours a week and make 6 figures or work full time and make 7 figures, working from anywhere in the world selling real estate, with little or no money then our 2 day In Person and Live Webinar Wholesaling Program is for you.

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“Make Money Virtual Wholesaling, With No Money”, With Our Step-by-Step Virtual Wholesaling Strategies… So You Can Get Started Making Money On Day 3 After The 2 Day Workshop!

  • Discover the real power of real estate investment
  • Learn how to find the most profitable deals
  • Find out how to find all the buyers and money you need
  • Learn how to build a real estate business that delivers constant cash

This Real Estate Wholesaling Workshop is for You!

  • Want to find a better way to invest in homes?
  • Want to find better house deals?
  • Need a way to invest without having tons of cash or credit?
  • Ready to plug in a system that puts more cash in your pocket each month?

Learn the Art of Creative Virtual Wholesaling Step By Step Without Any Money

In this 2 day money-making real estate wholesaling workshop, REI Investment Society will teach you how to earn thousands of dollars without investing any of your own money. We will show you how just how easy it is to earn alot of money by locating distressed properties for a profit and having an end buyer / investor pay you thousands of dollars for that property. You will be taught our systematic wholesaling proven program and put them into action, you can flip deeply discounted real estate deals without cash, credit, or risk!

Here’s what to Expect From Our 2 Day Wholesaling Work Shop:

Wholesaling for Quick Cash

  • No MoneyNo Credit Needed– Equals No Risk
  • No License Required– No Fees to Pay
  • Quickest Way to Get Paid– It’s All About Getting and Out

Locate End Buyers / Other Real Estate Investor

  • Learn to Build a HUGE Real Estate Investors List– Make Money While You Sleep
  • Flip Ugly Houses to Cash Buyers– Become the Supplier to Investors
  • Cost Effective Marketing Tactics– How To Get Buyers Calling You And Emailing You For Business

Your Real Estate Business

  • Building Your Power Team– Never Do All the Work Yourself
  • Daily Business Operations– Systems for a Smooth Operation
  • How To Set Up and Brand Your Business

Deal Analysis & Negotiations

  • Collecting Seller Intel – Leverage to Get Deals
  • Research Quickly & Accurately – Deal or No Deal

 Learn How To Brand Your Real Estate Business So Others Will Bring Deals To You

  • Set up your website
  • Business cards
  • Networking Strategies
  • Become a center of influence in your market

Finding the Right Properties With Equity

  • Know Your Target Market– Become the Go-To-Investor for Deals
  • Leverage for BIG Discounts– Learn the Seller’s Pressure Points
  • Find Deals Others Can’t– You Become the Supplier to Others

How To Keep Your Email And Voice-mail Filled With Leads

  • Guerrilla Marketing Strategies –Strategic, Aggressive and Cheap
  • Find Absentee Owners –How To Locate Owners Who Are Willing To Sell
  • Getting Sellers to Call – Learn How To Get The Owners To Talk To You

Learn How To Legally Flip And Get Paid With No Risk

  • Easy to Understand Contracts – Keep it Simple and Profitable
  • Assignments and Double Closings – Learn When and Why to Use These Strategies
  • No Rehabbing Required – Buy and Sell AS-IS

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Once you finish with day 1 of the training, and has already got your business going, we want to make sure your phones will begin to ring with buyers and sellers, with a 1 on 1 coaching session on day 2 and how to set-up your wholesaling website and your marketing channels so seller and buyers can start bringing leads to you.

With Our 2 Day Workshop, you will learn that you don’t need any money, credit, nor loans to begin to make money in this business. You just need the knowledge and all the right resources. To Start Enjoying Multiple Paychecks You MUST Attend this Workshop!


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