REI Investment Society is a new and seasoned Investors Personal Guide to Wealth Management. Our Educational Elite Real Estate Training and mentorship program gives students hands-on experience with a focus on succeeding as a prosperous real estate investors.

Our specific goals as a real estate investor (income, security, retirement…)

Whether you are just getting started and looking to close your first deal or you’re a seasoned veteran in the real estate investment community and just looking for more knowledge as well as income, REI Investment Society customized and tailored Mentorship Program will benefit you.

REI Society Investors Training and Coaching is designed to:

  • Will assist  you with your business plan – and how to ensure minimal risk with your real estate investments.
  • In this course, you’ll learn how to make money in any area, in good times and bad, even if you have little money to start with.
  • How to identify lucrative real estate investment markets.
  • How to structure profitable deals – in today’s hot market.
  • How to achieve your goals FASTER with real estate training that introduces you to JV Partners, Top Real Estate Attorneys, Contractors, Vendors, Housing Officials, Property Managers, Private Money gap funders.
  • Learn professional real estate investing concepts and techniques to pick winners in investment real estate.
  • You’ll learn how to invest in foreclosures, manage a rehab project, and build your team of real estate professionals (title officers, lawyers, accountants, mortgage brokers, appraisers, and more).
  • By the end of the course, you’ll be working toward your first or second deal, that we will help you put together. 

REI Real Estate Investor Training and Coaching Program provides focused training that covers all aspects of residential and commercial real estate. Unlike many of the other programs available, our program is a hands-on, partnership-style program delivered both one-on-one and in a group setting, either in-person, tour  or virtually. The program is designed specifically to empower our students to do real deals in record time and Flip More Deals!

As a student of the program, you will be mentored by our experienced and professional real estate coaches via email,  live webinars and scheduled tours, group settings, panels or 1 on 1 for a minimum of  3 months, 6 months, or 12 months depending on the program courses and packages you sign up for. They will closely monitor and continuously review and improve the processes and systems in your business to get more checks in your hands to Fix and Flip More Deals! Students will have access to a private workspace containing all materials and content needed to be a successful real estate investor. Most importantly, REI Investment Society will help you process and close real deals and “hold your hand” throughout the entire process to ensure you have the best chance of closing a deal ASAP after signing up and to keep those checks coming in!

If you’ve been struggling to get your first deal done or are a seasoned veteran looking to expand in REI Investment Society Mentoring Training and Courses to succeed then visit schedule a complimentary webinar to learn more about how we will help you succeed as a PROFITABLE Real Estate Investor.

Become a successful real estate investor and start building Passive Income Today!

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